Tips for Choosing Wedding Chair Rentals

Equipment rental is one of the most important tasks involved in planning a wedding. Couples may need to rent tables and chairs for the reception, as well as special chairs for the wedding ceremony itself. There are a variety of factors at play when choosing the best wedding chair rentals, including style, color, venue location, weather, and ceremony length. Two of the most important details to consider, however, are the comfort and durability of the chairs.

Style and Color

Wedding chairs are available in a number of different materials and designs, ranging from plastic lawn chairs to wooden folding chairs to higher-end chairs, all of which come in a variety of sizes and colors. While plain white wedding chair rentals are the most popular option, some couples like their chairs to match the overall color scheme of the wedding. Wedding chairs can also be purchased in gold, silver, green, blue, and a variety of other hues, but keep in mind that unless the chair is customized to match the other wedding decorations, the color may not be an exact match.


One of the biggest variables in wedding planning is the location of the ceremony and reception. Whether the wedding will take place inside or outside may be a particularly determining factor in selecting wedding chair rentals, since some materials are better suited for indoor celebrations. For example, white plastic lawn chairs work well for outdoor weddings, and will stand up to nearly any weather conditions. Formal dining chairs with padded cushions may be more of a risk for an outdoor ceremony (though some come in water-resistant material), but they work well for inside seating.

Comfort Level

Comfort level should also play a significant role in decisions regarding wedding chair rentals. Couples should visit a wedding chair vendor to test out a variety of different options in different heights, widths, and materials. It is important to also consider the guest list: elderly guests or those with disabilities may need a larger or more cushioned chair than other guests. A longer ceremony may also require a more comfortable chair. Couples should also remember to test the chairs with a number of different pads and cushions, since these pads must often be selected and rented separately.


Those planning a wedding should also make sure to ask about the weight capacity of the chairs. Some chairs are built to hold between 200 and 300 pounds, while others are far more durable. Steel chairs and hardwood chairs with cushions are generally more durable than the plastic or metal folding options offered as wedding chair rentals. Again, older guests or those with disabilities may need a more durable chair, particularly because they may remain seated not only during the ceremony but also for the duration of the reception.

Decisions surrounding wedding chair rentals should not be taken lightly, particularly if the chairs will be used for a long ceremony or throughout a reception. If the most comfortable chairs are too expensive for a particular wedding budget, a couple might consider renting a less expensive chair and investing in a better cushion or pad. This could save up to $2 or $3 dollars per chair, which can add up to hundreds of dollars of savings, without the sacrifice of comfort.